Is TACTIX the Right Predictive Maintenance Solution for You?

  • Does your plant rely on rotating equipment?

Rotating equipment is typically any machine powered by an electric motor, and includes: Pumps, Fans, Motors, Gearboxes, Conveyors, Mixers, Spindles, Compressors, etc.

  • Are these machines critical to your Operation? 

Would unplanned downtime affect plant reliability, safety or quality?

  • Do you currently monitor vibration or temperature?

If YES, does the improvement in reliability, safety and quality outweigh the cost of the system?

If YES, GREAT - you can stop here, or you can see how ProAxion can enhance your predictive maintenance program.  

If NO, is it because:

It's too expensive

It's too complicated

It's too dangerous to do safely

I tried it before and it didn't work

If any of these, we invite you to SCHEDULE A DEMO so we can show you how easy and affordable ProAxion's TACTIX system is to setup and use.