Tactix System

ProAxion Tactix is a hardware and software solution with fast, easy setup for continuous monitoring; enabling preventative maintenance programs regardless of your plant size or staffing.

Tactix vibration and temperature sensor

TACTIX SENSOR -vibration and temperature



Includes state-of-the-art tri-axial accelerometer and temperature sensor

Installs in minutes with multiple mounting options.

No cables, no wires. 

No need to inspect it - install in even your most remote/hazardous locations.

QR Code on each Sensor allows for quick set up and link to your secure web-portal

Seven year life battery.

Rated at IP68 and 125°C max temp for harsh environments.



Proaxion cellular, wifi/LAN Gateway

PROAXION GATEWAY -cellular, wifi/LAN 


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Tactix MONITORING Service

TACTIX MONITORING SERVICE  - machine health monitoring and alert service


24/7, real time, machine Health Monitoring and alert

The Tactix Sensor measures 3-dimensional vibration and surface temperature. Total vibration acceleration energy (spectral sum), velocity-RMS (10-1,000Hz) and temperature data are collected for trend analysis, and thresholds are set to provide remote alerts. Thresholds are set based on the baseline readings from the first 25 hours of data collection and can also be manually set. The system also provides frequency plot (FFT) and time-series waveform analysis.