Tactix Machine Health Monitor


Tactix Machine Health Monitor


ProAxion TACTIX Wireless Vibration & Temperature Sensor

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●  3-axis vibration

●  Surface temperature

●  IP68 permanently-sealed enclosure

●  5 Year battery life

The original Tactix Vibration Sensor.  Attach this sensor via magnetic, adhesive or threaded screw to your critical machinery.  Installation instructions included.

The sensor includes 1 year of web monitoring.

The Tactix Sensor communicates continuous data to the ProAxion customer website via the Tactix Gateway - sold separately or as part of the DIY-2 Kit.

The ProAxion TACTIXTM system is an affordable remote health monitoring system for rotating machinery with speeds above 100 RPM. The system monitors machine vibration and temperature and indicates early warning of the following conditions associated with developing mechanical faults:

  • ●  Misalignment

  • ●  Unbalance

  • ●  Mechanical or structural looseness

  • ●  Late-stage bearing failure

  • ●  High temperature due to friction or lubrication system failure

    The system includes a wireless battery-powered sensor that measures 3-dimension vibration and surface temperature. Total vibration acceleration energy (spectral sum), velocity-RMS (10-1,000Hz) and temperature data are collected for trend analysis, and thresholds are set to provide remote alerts. Thresholds are set based on the baseline readings from the first 25 hours of data collection and can also be manually set. The system also provides frequency plot (FFT) and time-series waveform analysis.

    Also required is ProAxion’s gateway which communicates with up to 25 sensors within range of up to 100 feet. The gateway connects the sensors to ProAxion’s cloud-based monitoring software using an encrypted cellular or WiFi connection. The gateway requires access to 120VAC power. The cellular option does not require any integration with the plant IT system, however a cellular signal (Verizon) must be present. The WiFi option requires access to a local network. ProAxion can provide a WiFi router if there is there is local access to a LAN network.