Is TACTIX the Right Predictive Maintenance Solution for You?


1. Does your plant rely on rotating equipment?

Rotating equipment is typically any machine powered by an electric motor, and includes: Pumps, Fans, Motors, Gearboxes, Conveyors, Mixers, Spindles, Compressors, etc.

2. Are these machines critical to your Operation? 

         Would unplanned downtime affect plant reliability, safety or quality?

3.  Do you currently monitor vibration or temperature?

If YES, does the improvement in reliability, safety and quality outweigh the cost of the system?

If yes, GREAT - you can stop here, or you can see how ProAxion can improve the cost and effectiveness of your predictive maintenance program.  Contact Us

If NO, is it because:

It is too expensive

It is too complicated

It is too dangerous to do safely

I tried it before and it didn't work

If any of these, we invite you to schedule a demo so we can show you how affordable and easy ProAxion's TACTIX system is to setup and use.

If you rely on rotating equipment and would like to learn how ProAxion's TACTIX System is cost-effective, easy to install, safer than handheld vibration meters, and requires no IT support to use or advanced training to interpret data, Contact Us to set up a time for a demo!