The latest in Predictive Maintenance technology

ProAxion improves industrial plant reliability, safety and efficiency by preventing costly machine down-time and process disruptions.

Scheduled vibration monitoring of industrial equipment using handheld or portable vibration meters creates time gaps between measurements and places personnel dangerously close to running machines. Remote monitoring of industrial equipment using wired vibration sensors is prohibitively expensive, challenging to install and integrate, and complex to use.  Traditional monitoring solutions require trained staff to analyze each measurement - TACTIX does not.  

Unlike hand-held vibration meters or infrared temperature guns, ProAxion's TACTIX System provides continuous 24/7/365 remote monitoring of vibration and temperature from a safe distance. TACTIX is a plug & play, wireless system that does not require an trained analyst to interpret vibration data.  Alerts are simply sent to your phone via text or email letting you know your equipment requires service.

Using our decades of experience with industrial machinery and controls, wireless sensor design, and cloud computing, we make the most cost-effective, safest, easy-to-install and use, remote monitoring system designed to survive in the harshest of industrial environments.