There are 3 mounting options:

  1. Stud (recommended permanent)

  2. Adhesive (alternative permanent)

  3. Magnet (temporary only)


Installation steps:

  1. Determine which machines

  2. Determine where on machine to mount sensor

    1. Determine rotation axis of interest

    2. Determine radial plane of bearing of interest

    3. If stud mount, check for location where drilling can occur

      1. Is there enough material thickness of machine to support drilling?

      2. Fin mount kit for motors

    4. Check location for drill & sensor clearance

      1. Height of drill

      2. 2.5” diameter for sensor


Instructions for stud-mounting

Prepare machine surface:

  1. Mark spot using indent tool (included) or drill a small pilot hole

  2. Use spot-face tool to create a flat surface on the machine

    1. Spot-face just enough depth to create a 1.25” diameter face

    2. Set depth of pilot drill bit accordingly

      1. Default depth is ⅝” for studs provided by ProAxion

  3. Hand tap ¼”-28 thread

    1. Start with #1 tap and ensure to start the tap aligned with hole

    2. After a few turns switch to #2 tap to achieve full thread depth of blind hole

    3. 1/2” deep (depending on which stud)

  4. Clean surface of any metal shavings or filings


Prepare & mount sensor:

  1. Apply Blue 242 loctite to exposed threads of stud and screw into the base of the sensor

    1. use an allen key to tighten

  2. Apply silicone sealant to surface of spot face

    1. To prevent corrosion of machine surface

  3. Apply Blue 242 loctite to exposed threads of the stud that will insert into the tapped hole on machine

  4. Hand-tighten the sensor to machine

    1. No need to use tools