Always ensure machine is in a safe condition before performing work!

Seven Easy steps:

1.  Determine which machines will be monitored and how many Tactix Sensors per machine (for multi-axis monitoring).

2.  Determine where on each machine to mount each Tactix Sensor considering rotational axis and radial planes of interest.  If you need help - please contact us.

3.  Determine mounting method:  Magnetic (temporary only), Adhesive (alternative permanent), Stud (recommended permanent).  Ensure you have sufficient space for stud mounting in thickness and drill clearance.  The Tactix Sensor is 2.5" in diameter.

4.  Attach Tactix Sensors (see Stud Mounting info below).  The sensors are always "on".  Battery life is estimated at 5 years.

5.  Determine where the Tactix Gateway will be located and plug it in.  The Tactix Gateway needs standard electric power (120V) using an attached grounded plug.  Locate the Tactix Gateway within 50 to 100 feet of sensors.  Add additional Tactix Gateways for Tactix Sensors that would exceed a 100 foot radius. The Gateway will power up when plugged in.  The Tactix Gateway can be wall mounted with four attached screws.

NOTE:  Both Tactix Gateways and Sensors are designed for common manufacturing cleaning operations including high pressure aqueous wash.

Now go look at your machine health data:

6.  Log in to your ProAxion account - supplied with your purchase - to see real-time data for your machines.

7.  Set up your alert and reporting preferences.

Contact us with any questions.


Instructions for stud-mounting

Prepare machine surface:

  1.  Mark spot using indent tool (included) or drill a small pilot hole

  2.  Use spot-face tool to create a flat surface on the machine with just enough depth to create a 1.25” diameter face.

  3. Set depth of pilot drill bit accordingly.  Default depth is ⅝” for studs provided by ProAxion

  4.  Hand tap ¼”-28 thread

  5.  Clean surface of any metal shavings or filings

Prepare & mount sensor:

  1. Apply Blue 242 Loctite to exposed threads of stud and screw (using allen key) into the base of the sensor

  2.  Apply silicone sealant (to prevent corrosion) to surface of spot fac

  3.  Apply Blue 242 Loctite to exposed threads of the stud that will insert into the tapped hole on machine

  4.  Hand-tighten the sensor to machine.  Do not overtighten.